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Discover How To Enter During Upswings, Easily Grab The “Sweet Spot” From A Price Move, And Pocket Your Profits Before The Market Turns On You


This Is The Secret Of Professional Traders

Most traders struggle to earn consistent profits – usually because people don’t have a sound trading strategy to follow.

Sometimes they pick up a few tips here and there and try to develop their own trading plans. But because those plans are not based on time-tested strategies, they often fail.

Other times, traders will look at isolated patterns or set-ups and see something that looks promising. But without understanding the big picture around that trade, it often ends in disappointment.

Here’s The Good News…

A good strategy doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, many of the best strategies are often the simplest ones.

Many of the world’s best traders use swing trading to generate the consistent profits everyone is looking for.

The idea behind swing trading is simple: it’s all about buying at the beginning of a predictable price movement, and then selling when that price swing is near its end.

The concept of swing trading is easy for almost everyone to understand. And when you have the right training, it can be relatively easy to earn steady profits with swing trading.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way for you to discover (these strategies have not really been “proven.” Can you use another word?) swing trading strategies to keep growing your trading account.

It’s a DVD Training Program called “Swing Trade Any Market”… and here are some of the vital insights you will gain:

  • How to target the best stocks and ETFs
  • Exactly where and when to place your trades
  • Accurately evaluate any market environment with my “Big Picture Analysis” approach
  • Get my four favorite swing trading set-ups… plus the exact formulas for entering, managing, and exiting the trades
  • A simple, yet super effective moving average combination to increase your success for entering and exiting more profitably
  • Boost your bottom line with my secret money management tricks… designed to protect your hard-earned trading account
  • My exclusive “Strategies for Success” to help you trade like the pros… including my unique way of successfully trading news events
  • Insider ways to keep a winning mental outlook… to ensure that you stay in the game and achieve what you are aiming for


Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, you will discover how to apply these swing trading skills and strategies you need to win.

Let Toni help you develop your swing trading skills that can get you into good moves early and avoid the downturns.

This “Swing Trade Any Market” DVD Training System will help you quickly develop your own swing trading expertise. And when combined with your other trading skills, you’ll have the ability to generate consistent profits to a successful trader and live your dream trading lifestyle.

Regular Internet Price: $289

Your Holiday Special Sale Price: Just $79

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Get The Professional Trader’s Secret That Can Earn You Bigger Profits Than Ordinary Stocks

Plus, it’s easier and offers far lower risk

Imagine finding a trading and investing tool that can earn bigger profits than you’ve made with stocks – yet a tool that’s easier to use, involves less risk, and many times offers you a higher potential for raking in profits!

Since their birth in 1993, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have quickly become one of the most popular trading instruments on Wall Street.

For good reason! And now, there are literally HUNDREDS of these versatile funds available, offering incredible opportunities for profiting.

Discover the smart and simple way to profit from ETFs

Basically, an ETF holds assets such as stocks or bonds, and it trades at approximately the same price as the net asset value of those underlying assets. With an ETF you get the valuation benefit similar to a mutual fund combined with the tradability of a closed-end fund. This means you can trade ETFs quickly through the exchange.

And with Toni’s proven ETF trading strategies, you will have a huge advantage over other traders who don’t know the power of these insider techniques.

This DVD Training Program is called “Secrets to Profiting with Exchange Traded Funds”… and gives you 5-1/2 hours of focused ETF training:


  • An in-depth look at what ETFs are all about… and how they can increase your profits!
  • The different types of ETF categories available to you… and which ones are ideal to help you achieve your personal trading objectives!
  • Toni’s THREE favorite ETF set-ups… with exact “buy” explanation, money management insight, and “sell” signals
  • How to take advantage of Sector Strategies… plus which ETFs offer the best opportunities to profit, and when
  • Setting up your own “International Game Plan”… and discover which country’s ETFs to focus on and why
  • How to take advantage of leveraged ETFs… and how you can use them to boost your profits!
  • Which ETFs to buy when the market sells off… this super-secret strategy shows you how to spot these “inverse” ETFs that rise when the market falls!
  • How to hedge your profitable positions by protecting them with ETFs
  • Quick and easy ways to trade currency ETFs… to take advantage of Forex opportunities with less risk!
  • ETF money management techniques, market psychology, and much, much more!


Regular Internet Price: $259

Your DVD Blowout Sale Price: Just $79

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“Three Vital Steps to a Winning Trading Mindset”:  Trading is all about winning and generating profits. And to get there, it requires a winning mindset. Most traders ignore this part of their development, and their results suffer. That’s why Toni’s enlightening new Action Plan called Three Vital Steps to a Winning Trading Mindset gives you a simple, step-by-step method for aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions so you can approach the market each day with a winning trading mindset. In just 10 minutes each morning, you can gain your focus for the day as you prepare to reach higher levels of success! ($39 value)

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