"Discover the right way to identify and profit with support and resistance levels.  Gain the skills and techniques to plan and execute high-potential trades."  Toni Turner

Imagine Having The Ability To Know Where Buyers And Sellers Are Clustering

And imagine knowing when they will be making their moves, and in which direction.  That's what the power of support and resistance can give you...

Why You Should Learn How to Properly Use Support and Resistance Levels

Support and resistance are significant price levels that form on price charts.  These levels act as "floors" or "ceilings" that can support or resist future price activity.

When the price trades above a price level (floor), it offers potential support for an upward move.  Likewise, when price trades below a price level (ceiling), it now offers potential resistance.

Based on the Two Most Powerful Market Emotions

Support and resistance are born from two powerful emotions that every trader deals with: greed and fear.

When greed appears in the market in any of its forms, the result is demand for that financial instrument.  Those with greed become buyers, and they want to buy now.  This shows up as specific types of patterns on the price charts.

And when fear shows up as nervousness, anxiety, and eventually panicked selling, the pressure on the instrument pushes it down.  Likewise, this appears on your price charts in certain patterns you can easily identify.

That's the story of price charts - those who are greedy and those who are fearful are always in tension.  When you learn to understand these forces and who is in control, you'll hold a huge advantage over other traders.


"How to Profit Using Support & Resistance"

This insightful new training program is designed to get you up to speed fast to properly use Support and Resistance levels in your own trading.

Because this is the most important skill set you can possess as a trader.

Let me show you how to properly identify price support and resistance levels on any chart.  And then further your ability to evaluate those patterns and formations in relation to previous price activity to make high-quality estimations of where the future prices will be heading.

  • Learn what support and resistance levels are... and why they're so important to your trading
  • Identify support and resistance levels to increase your profits
  • Combine support and resistance with momentum indicator signals for even stronger signals
  • Put all this information together to build your own winning trades

This Professional Trader . . .

is also an Excellent Teacher

Toni Turner, President of Trendstar Trading Group, LLC is an accomplished analyst as well as a popular educator and sought-after speaker in the financial arena.  She is the author of several bestselling books and offers you over 20 years of hands on experience.

Toni Is A World-Renowned Trading Instructor Featured on Networks Such As . . . 

Don't Trade In The Dark Without This

Support & Resistance Knowledge

It’s a sad fact: most traders don’t know how to read price patterns accurately... they don’t know how to identify support and resistance in multiple time frames... and they have no idea how to evaluate price support and resistance levels in combination with chart indicators and volume activity.

This lack of knowledge hurts traders and investors more than they know. As a result, they end up missing high-potential opportunities because they don’t have the skills to see them.

If you don’t know how to identify the areas where the buyers and sellers are lurking, they you could be hit with big bouts of selling (or buying, if you’re short) to avoid big losses.

Plus, without this knowledge they don’t know how to calculate key entry prices and manage their risk in current positions.

But the smart traders who possess this knowledge know how to take partial profits and raise their protective stops when their position reaches certain target levels.

That’s exactly what I want to show you in this info-packed training program. In just a few short hours, you can be trading with new-found confidence and skill with this knowledge.

Master These Profit-Making Price Zones

It's easy when you use my I.C.E. approach before entering a trade


Maximize Your Results With

Toni's 6-Point Trade List

The most effective to trade consistently is to follow a checklist.  That's why Toni has created her 6-Point Trade Checklist to help you identify opportunities and enter each trade with confidence.

She shows you how to strengthen each trade with multiple levels of confirmation for greater confidence and success.

Our Community Loves Toni's Training Because Her Programs Are So Simple to Use . . .

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    At checkout, you will create your account on where you will have full access to the training as well as the bonus items including the complete downloadable/printable course manual and your free one month MetaStock trial.

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    You can view the recording often as you’d like.  After you place your order, you will create an online account on where you can view your recording at anytime.

  • q-iconCan you explain your 30 day money back guarantee?

    We are confident that Toni’s strategies are everything promised.  If you are not satisfied, simply let us know and we will promptly process a refund.

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    It’s simple.  At the end of the checkout process, you will be prompted to create an account on (or you can add this product to your existing account if you are a returning member).  You will create a username and password.  To access your training at any time, go to and click on “Your Products”.  Enter your login information and click “Login”.  You will then see “You own this…” next to your product.  Click this link to access the full training and all the bonus items.

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    You can reach us

  • q-iconWhat time frames does this training work with and what markets?

    These support and resistance strategies work with all time frames.  You can successfully use these techniques in all markets.