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From The Desk Of Toni Turner

Dear Fellow Trader,

If you want to find the way for an average trader to create a steady stream of profits today… and do it by adding just a few key strategies to your current trading routines… then this may be the most important message you will ever read…

Because I’m about to give you the secrets and strategies I have learned on my own trading journey. These are the lessons that help me unlock profits from any decent market move.

These are the swing trade strategies you can use to to profit safely and reliably in stocks and ETFs

FACT: The capital markets we focus on are always moving in cycles. They are always moving either up, down or sideways.

Long-term buy and hold investors hate markets like this, because it's hard to keep their investments growing. Every downturn means that you need a strong upturn just to get back to even.

Traders love markets that move. That's where the profits are found.

Even better, swing traders know how to watch and measure these cycles to their advantage. The don't need to time the tops and bottoms perfectly. Instead, they just need to catch that sweet spot in the middle of an upswing to profit a steady stream of profits.

This is the real key to becoming a successful trader: knowing how to poach the easy profits that these upswings give you to keep you in the game – and it’s all inside The Swing Trade Any Market training program right now…

I love swing trading because it pays me well
...even if I'm a little lazy

What is Swing Trading? It's a simple strategy where you enter a trade when the price breaks above a pullback low, or breaks above a consolidation. Traders usually use the strategy with stocks and ETFs, but you can really use it with any asset.

Many traders get so deeply focused on trying to time an exact reversal point that they often make mistakes.

I'm not always a lazy trader, but the thing I love about trading upswings is that I don't have to catch them at the perfect reversal point. Instead, I just follow my handful of rules to have confidence in the breakout.

That's when I make my move and jump in.

Then I measure how far I expect the move to go and choose my exit point. You don't want to wait too long and get greedy. Just let the move ride and grab your profits before it turns sour.

And if it goes bad? You'll never hit it right 100% of the time. That's why you set a protective stop when you enter the trade to minimize your risk.

The goal is to hit the "Sweet Spot"

Like I mentioned before, swing trading is NOT about trying to capture an entire trend. It's not possible, and you'll drive yourself crazy if you try to get there.

Instead, we want to play it safe and smart.

And we want to have huge confidence in our entry and exit points.

That's why I'll show you how to enter a move a little later than the "perfect" spot, but with a lot more assurance that the move is strong enough to give good profits.

This is what I call the Sweet Spot. It's the middle half of an upswing that is ready and waiting for us to swoop in and take our winnings.

And because our markets are cyclical, these upswings happen again and gain. Which means you will always have a steady supply of stocks or ETFs ripe for these swing trade strategies I will show you.

About Toni Turner

Toni Turner, President of Trendstar Trading Group, LLC, is an accomplished technical analyst as well as a popular educator and sought-after speaker in the financial arena. She is the author of the bestselling books: A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online, 2nd Ed., A Beginner’s Guide to Short-term Trading, 2nd Ed., Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market, and Invest to Win: Earn & Keep Profits in Bull and Bear Markets with the GainsMaster Approach, co-authored with Gordon Scott CMT. Her books have been translated into five languages and used as textbooks in college personal finance classes.

Toni has appeared on CNBC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and FOX Business News. She has been interviewed on dozens of radio programs and featured in periodicals such as Fortune, Stocks and Commodities, SFO, Fidelity Active Trader, and Bloomberg Personal Finance and many online publications, such as WeissInc.com, TradingMarkets.com, Equities.com, The Street’s RealMoneyPro and MarketWatch.com. She speaks regularly at financial forums and conferences across the United States, including college campuses, Traders’ Expos, and Money Shows.

This Swing Trade Any Market training program arms you with unique new skill and insight:

  • How to easily spot these swing trade opportunities for yourself
  • Get in and out of trades typically within 2-7 days
  • Grab the sweet spot of an upswing move when looking at daily charts
  • It's a great way to enter a stock, sector, or market when upward momentum is strong
  • These strategies are critical in markets to get in and out quickly without having to pinpoint exact reversal points
  • Find opportunities in very cyclical markets such as oil, technology, and other active markets
  • Gain the discipline to successfully trade these proven strategies
  • Get into a trade when things are good, and out before they turn bad
  • Gain this powerful method of taking profits over and over again

Transforms average people into investing success stories

The people who are using my Swing Trade Any Market training aren’t high-powered analysts at financial service companies. They’re regular people like you and me who have a sincere desire and interest in using simple, proven strategies to make steady profits from the ongoing, regular market cycles. And their feedback tells the whole story…

I have traded with Toni Turner for over three years. She is an excellent trader and educator... a skill reserved only for the top few in the industry. Toni also has an uncanny ability to communicate in written and verbal communications complicated trading topics in a fun and easy-to-learn manner.

D.G. Tampa, FL

After attending Toni's swing trading seminar, my trading results improved dramatically. She knows how to teach complicated material so that it's easy to understand. Moreover, it's obvious she really cares about her students.

H.K. Sarasota, FL

Toni is an incredible presenter and terrific writer. She maximized my learning by taking very complex ideas and explaining them in a easy to understand way. I highly recommend her book, A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online, and look forward to any future seminars she produces.

V.S. Huntington Beach, CA

You Can Try 'Swing Trade Any Market'
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Here’s how my Iron-Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee protects you and allows you to try this training for yourself with absolutely NO RISK…

Order Swing Trade Any Market now and begin going through the training. Then put the principles you gain into practice in your own trading activity and see how it helps you capture profits on a regular basis.

Then use the strategies I teach you to create your own trades to create successful trades for yourself, simply and quickly.

You have 30 days – an entire month – to do this and truly put it to the test. If your knowledge and success haven’t improved from where you were, and if you don’t agree that you now have the knowledge and tools to make better trading decisions immediately, then I want to return your money.

I’m giving you this 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for three simple reasons:

1. I know the quality of the training I’m giving you is head and shoulders above what you may have learned anywhere else. You’ll have fun while having your eyes opened to how the world of swing trading really works, and how you can profit from it.

2. Other “Swing Trade Any Market” students love it and are putting it to good use in their own lives.

3. My goal is to help you win with your money. I’ve dedicated my career to teaching average people how to achieve above average results with their trading. That’s what this Swing Trade Any Market training program is all about. So if you don’t agree, then just tell me. I stand by this 100%.

Enhance your learning with these valuable bonuses

In addition to all the Swing Trade Any Market training videos and your 30-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee, I want to give you some valuable gifts to show you how serious I am about helping you gain this knowledge and these skills for yourself…

Bonus #1: Complete Downloadable Course Manual

bonuscoursemanual-300x210I’ve prepared a handy Swing Trade Any Market Course Manual for you to keep at your side as you make a habit out of following all the steps to evaluate each trade decision you make to ensure that it’s a solid, safe choice for you. This Course Manual  is not available anywhere else.

$79 Value

Bonus #2: 3 Vital Steps to a Winning Trading Mindset eBook

EBOOKCoverToniTurner-238x300Much of your trading success comes down to your mindset. That's why I created this valuable ebook. It guides you through the three vital steps you need to ensure you have a winning mindset. The steps are simple, but crucial for your success. This ebook is not available separately.

$49 value

Bonus #3: Unlimited Access

unlimitedaccessbonus-300x185When you order the online version of this training program, you will also receive unlimited access. Which means you can view this training on any of your Internet devices to learn these swing trading strategies from Toni.

$99 Value

Gives you instant access when you order now

I’ve found that the best way to teach them to you is one-on-one through recorded video training sessions. It’s just me and you learning together in a fun, relaxed, and positive atmosphere of real learning.

It makes it easy for you to stop, rewind, and view as many times as you like to be sure you’re learning these important concepts that will give you a huge advantage over others.

And I’ve put them all in a convenient online training center for you with private members-only access. Which means that you can watch them on your computer, your tablet, or even your smart phone. In other words, I’ve made it easy for you to learn my Swing Trade Any Market training wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. Because there are no scheduled classes for you to attend. When you register for Swing Trade Any Market, you’ll have instant access to everything. (Or order the DVDs if you prefer – it's your choice!)

And remember, Swing Trade Any Market isn’t a stock picking service to show you what to buy. Instead, you get 100% education so you can gain the ability to evaluate trade opportunities for yourself and make intelligent decisions.

In a nutshell, here’s what I will show you:

  • How to target the best stocks and ETFs
  • Accurately evaluate any market environment with my "Big Picture Analysis" approach
  • Get my four favorite swing trading set-ups... plus the exact formulas for entering, managing, and exiting the trades
  • A simple, yet super effective moving average combination to increase your success for entering and exiting more profitably
  • Exactly where and when to place your trades
  • Boost your bottom line with my secret money management tricks... designed to protect your hard-earned trading account
  • My exclusive "Strategies for Success" to help you trade like the pros... including my unique way of successfully trading news events
  • Insider ways to keep a winning mental outlook... to ensure that you stay in the game and achieve what you are aiming for

Here's what you get...

  • 24/7 Availability

    Enjoy 24/7 access to all the training videos so you can grow your financial knowledge when it’s convenient for you and at your own pace… and you don’t have to attend classes at specific times… it’s perfect for someone who is still working a full-time job to complete as they wish

  • In-Depth Training

    I will give you in-depth explanations and examples of each strategy to achieve your top goal and ensure that you are getting the knowledge you want… so you can place your own winning trades to capture these upswing cycles

  • Bite-Size Info

    Each of these swing trading strategies is broken down into easy segments to make it simple to learn from these bite-sized pieces of information

  • Lifetime Access

    Enjoy lifetime access to the private member training center so you can review the training as often as you wish to help you retain this knowledge long into the future, or via DVD if that is your choice

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