Enter trades during upswings and easily grab the sweet spot from a price move

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Swing Trade Stocks

How to Swing Trade Stocks Successfully

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Discover How to Enter During Upswings, Easily Grab the "Sweet Spot" from a Price Move, and Pocket Your Profits Before the Market Turns on You

Professional Traders Use This Strategy to Boost Profits in Any Market

Most traders struggle to earn consistent profits…

Usually because they don’t have a sound trading strategy to follow.

Sometimes they pick up a few tips here and there and try to develop their own trading plans. But if those plans are not based on time-tested strategies, they often fail.

Other times, traders will look at isolated patterns or set-ups and see something that looks promising. Without understanding the big picture around that trade, it often ends in disappointment.

Fortunately, now there’s an easy way for you to discover swing trading strategies to keep growing your trading account.

How to Swing Trade Successfully

It's Toni's new training program called "How to Swing Trade Successfully," and here are some of the vital insights you will gain:

  • How to target the best stocks and ETFs
  • How to trade the powerful, profit-proven Sleeping Tiger Setup
  • Discover exactly where and when to enter your trades
  • Use Toni's simple, yet super effective moving average combination to increase your success for entering and exiting more profitably
  • Find out how to take the juiciest gains from price upswings
  • Boost your bottom line with my secret money management tricks... designed to protect your hard-earned trading account
  • Learn where to find the best stocks and ETFs to trade
  • Gain insider ways to keep a winning mental outlook... to ensure that you stay in the game and achieve what you are aiming for

Here's the Good News . . .

A good trading strategy doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, many of the best strategies are often the simplest ones.

Many of the world’s best traders use swing trading to generate the consistent profits everyone is looking for.

The idea behind swing trading is simple: it’s all about buying at the beginning of a predictable price movement, and then selling when that price swing is near its end.

The concept of swing trading is easy for almost everyone to understand. And when you have the right training, it can be relatively easy to earn steady profits by swing trading.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader… this program will show you how to apply these swing trading skills and strategies you need to win.

Let Toni help you develop your swing trading skills that can get you into good moves early and avoid the downturns.

Toni’s “How to Swing Trade Successfully” training program will help you quickly develop your own swing trading expertise. And when combined with your other trading skills, you’ll have the ability to generate consistent profits to a successful trader and live your dream trading lifestyle.

This Professional Trader . . .

is also an Excellent Teacher

Toni Is A World-Renowned Trading Instructor Featured on Networks Such As . . . 

Toni Turner, President of Trendstar Trading Group, LLC is an accomplished analyst as well as a popular educator and sought-after speaker in the financial arena.  She is the author of several bestselling books and offers you over 20 years of hands on experience.

How to Swing Trade Successfully is a three part program that gives you all the tools you need . . .

Make Safer, Better Trades Immediately

After you view this recorded online training, you'll have the knowledge and tools you need to make safer, better trades immediately . . . using the powerful signals broadcast by Toni's Sleeping Tiger Setup.

Our Community Loves Toni's Training Because Her Programs Are So Simple to Use . . .

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Get one month FREE MetaStock award-winning charting and analysis software. You can choose from MetaStock R/T (Real Time) or MetaStock D/C (end-of-day). PLUS as a Special Bonus, MetaStock platforms now offer Toni Turner’s Sleeping Tiger Setup Scan! You can scan thousands of stocks and ETFs in seconds—and then zero in on the scan’s buy signals for the Sleeping Tiger Setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow do I get access to the bonus items?

    At checkout, you will create your account on where you will have full access to the training as well as the bonus items including the complete downloadable/printable course manual, Toni’s 3 Vital Steps to a Winning Trading Mindset eBook and your free one month MetaStock trial with Toni’s Sleeping Tiger Setup.

  • q-iconHow often can I view the online training?

    You can view the recording often as you’d like.  After you place your order, you will create an online account on where you can view your recording at anytime.

  • q-iconHow do I access the How to Swing Trade Successfully training?

    It’s simple.  At the end of the checkout process, you will be prompted to create an account on (or you can add this product to your existing account if you are a returning member).  You will create a username and password.  To access your training at any time, go to and click on “Your Products”.  Enter your login information and click “Login”.  You will then see “You own this…” next to your product.  Click this link to access the full training and all the bonus items.

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